What is a Cookie Cube Box?

By: Carrie Walco-Bowman

Ordering a cookie cube box from the Bean Bag Bakery is the next best thing to having Mom’s fresh homemade cookies, brownies, and bars right out of the oven. It’s also the best idea for treats or desserts for your next meeting, your best friend’s birthday, or to woo your sweetheart. In other words, it’s the best way to send a special gift basket that’s perfect for every occasion.


What is a Cookie Cube Box?

Our Cookie Cubes (AKA cookie care packages) are specially boxed cookie samplers that you get to fill with your choice of home baked cookies, brownies, and bars. They are lightweight, easy to carry, and come in a bright, cheerful red box that will brighten anyone’s day. Fill them with all your favorite sweets to treat yourself (you deserve it!). Or pack them full with the most delicious, made-from-scratch cookies and treats for goodie bags, birthday parties, party favors, employee appreciation gifts, or holiday presents.


How many cookies and treats are in a Cookie Cube Box?

Cookie Cube Boxes are available in three sizes and quantities:

6 Pack Cookie Cube Box
Your choice of a half dozen assorted freshly baked treats.

12 Pack Cookie Cube Box
Your choice of a dozen assorted, to-die-for buttery, baked goodies.

18 Pack Cookie Cube Box
Your choice of a dozen and a half of heavenly baked sweets.


What kind of treats go into a Cookie Cube?

The answer, only the best homemade cookies and the sweetest desserts and treats go into our hand-packed Cookie Cubes. You can select an oven-fresh batch of our famous Chocolate Chip Cookies for your cube, just like Mom used to make. (Literally, they’re made from the top-secret recipe our founder (“Mom”) created in 1977.) Or, indulge all of your sweet senses and take your pick from our large variety of buttery, delicious baked goods, including cookies, bars, and brownies.

Pick from our wide selection of the best cookies around, including Chocolate Chip, M&Ms, Oreo White Chocolate Chunk, and more.

Brownies and Bars
All our homemade, ooey-gooey brownies and cookie bars are simply the best, including Chocolate Chunk Blondie, Snickers Brownie®, and our Raspberry Crumb Bar, to name just a few.

Gluten-Free and Vegan Cookies, Brownies, and Bars
We bake up the most delicious gluten-free, vegan cookies and treats around, including:
Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie
Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Limited Edition Cookies and Treats
Don’t forget to check out our latest Limited Edition cookies and treats.

What are you waiting for?

Since 1977!

The Bean Bag Deli & Catering Co. has been serving-up the best cookies ever at our storefront, and now we are bringing them to you!

Free Shipping!

On all orders over $35. We also ship fresh treats the next business day!

A little cookie goes a long way!

The Bean Bag Bakery has donated countless cookies to local charities and organizations.