The Bean Bag Deli & Catering Launches Direct To Consumer Cookie Brand

Local Rockville, Maryland deli launches online cookie store featuring top selling cookies and bars.

Rockville, MD., Feb. 6, 2023 — Rockville’s favorite family-owned, local deli, the Bean Bag Deli & Catering Co., is launching a direct-to-consumer bakery named the Bean Bag Bakery (BBB), where customers can order-up fresh and delicious cookies and bars for home delivery.

Since 1977, The Bean Bag Deli & Catering Co. has been serving-up the best cookies ever at their storefront in Rockville, Maryland. Bean Bag Bakery’s founder, Mitchel Wool, grew up in the family business, watching each morning as his mother baked her famous, homemade chocolate chip cookies. Mitch and his friends would line up outside of the kitchen door to snag a sample straight out of the oven, and the rest were sold to the hundreds of happy customers that Mitch’s parents treated like family. Soon, they added oatmeal raisin cookies and brownies to the list, and for the next 40 years, the deli garnered a reputation for the freshest, most delicious cookies around.

Bean Bag Bakery offers a wide variety of handcrafted soft and chewy cookies and melt-in-your-mouth brownie and blondie bars, including vegan and gluten-free options, all made fresh using real, premium ingredients and no additives. Every delicious morsel is baked at their Rockville storefront. Their cookie dough is also available for wholesale purchase.

Customers can order customized “Cookie Cubes” in quantities of 6, 12, or 18, and mix-and-match their cookie and bar selections. Cookie Cubes will ship-out within 24-48 hours of purchase and delivered fresh to the recipient’s doorstep. Add a special message or personalize the Cookie Cube with your business logo, and it makes the perfect gift for cookie lovers of any age!

“My local customers have pushed me for years to expand our bakery offerings. I am so excited to offer our cookies to everyone in the United States,” said Mitch. “So far our custom cookie cubes have been a hit. A lot of local parents have been sending them to their kids away at college.”

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Since 1977!

The Bean Bag Deli & Catering Co. has been serving-up the best cookies ever at our storefront, and now we are bringing them to you!

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The Bean Bag Bakery has donated countless cookies to local charities and organizations.