Holiday Gifting Made Easy with Homemade Baked Gifts

The holiday season is a time for spreading joy, warmth, and appreciation to the special people in our lives. What better way to do so than with the irresistible charm of freshly baked treats? At Bean Bag Bakery, we understand the value of thoughtful, personal gifts during the holiday season. That's why our made-from-scratch baked goods are made with only the finest ingredients and are the perfect way to show your love and appreciation. Each bite is a delectable reminder of homemade goodness and how much you care, just like the ones your mama used to make.

Custom Holiday Baked Gifts

There's nothing like receiving a personalized, custom gift for the holidays, whether it's for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwaanza, Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, or any other special event. It's even better when it's homemade, yummy, and baked fresh, "just like mama's, because mama makes them." 

At Bean Bag Bakery we can customize cookies, brownies, and bars with a name, logo, brand, promotion, or design on each of our individual homemade treat packages and gift boxes. They're the perfect holiday gift idea for employees, clients, customers, family reunions, and parties. Just make sure you order enough.

Send Edible Gifts to Multiple Addresses

We make it easy to send freshly baked gifts to everyone on your holiday gift list. You can send them all the same variety of your choosing, containing delicious homemade treats in any of our three box sizes (available in 6, 12, or 18 packs). Or, send each gift recipient their favorite brownies, cookies, and bars in a variety of different homemade treat box sizes. Or,pick any of our Bean Bag Bakery's favorite baked treat packs. Whatever you pick, you can send your entire order to multiple addresses all at once. How easy is that for gift giving? Just select the "Ship to Multiple Addresses" button in your cart before you checkout, then enter each address for each gift.

Gluten-Free and Vegan Edible Baked Gifts

Getting gifts for a gluten-free or vegan person during the holidays can be very difficult. We've made it easy though! Our entire line of gluten-free and vegan cookies, brownies and bars are the "Best gluten free goodies I’ve ever had!" ­– Elana B. Making them the perfect gluten-free and vegan gifts for the holidays.

Cookie and Brownie Gift Cards

Looking for the best gift card to give to your friends and family who have a sweet tooth, and love extra-large, homemade cookies, brownies, and bars? Bean Bag Bakery Gift Cards allow them to select their own favorite treats and cookie care packages. Digital gift cards are available in $10 to $500 increments.

Need Last Minute Holiday Baked Gifts Shipped Fast?

No problem! We can ship to most U.S. locations in one business day. Just select the type of shipping you need during checkout, and we'll make sure it's made fresh and gets to your gift recipient on time.

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